Monday, August 4, 2014

Play Review: No Experience of theatre required by Turquoise Palette

A motivational speaker once said “Never let inexperience get in way of your ambition”. While it makes a lot of sense and is motivating but it can spell disaster in wrong hands. The play depicts such a disaster perfectly.  The result of having an inexperienced, overconfident director putting up a play with self absorbed and eccentric nincompoop of a cast will drive audiences to the limit of their patience and have them demand refund. Do not worry, I am not talking about this play but about the play within this play. Confused? I did not demand my money back because I could barely stop laughing through the entire play. The play takes you through the process and the end result of couple of crazy people, with IQ as low as our economic growth rate, coming together and trying and create a theatrical masterpiece. The play begins with the said play being performed in front of the audience but then suddenly everyone starts to improvise resulting in a classical greek tragedy looking like comedy of errors. The entire cast has fit to their role like a well fitted glove but the play belongs to Shibani Bedi – the recovered (or has she) mentally unstable Punjabi girl who brings her Punjabi flavor to Medea’s role. There were moments when she sent the audience in splits even with her mere body language without even saying a word.

The Akshara theatre was a perfect setting for the play as there is no dead spot in the stage at anytime. Actors keep performing their acts in the background with as much zest as the performer in focus. The small stage helped audience capture all that is going on the stage. Not only was the script hilarious, the delivery by every actor was spot on. Adhiraj Sharma needs a special mention too playing an over-confident, self absorbed, inexperienced, talentless actor. All characters get into character to get out of it. Arun Prakash delivers a phenomenal performance as the inexperienced Director, whose English would make the Queen laugh rather than feel offended.

What makes the play ironic is the fact that it is actually the first play written, directed and music composed by Pallav Chander and newly formed Turquoise Palette. Let’s see what other colors this palette has. However, while this might be the first time he wore director’s shoes, he is no newbie to the theatre scene and it shows with the attention to detail and the engaging screenplay.

I highly recommend this play. It was by close friend’s birthday and I took him there and he said it is the best birthday he could’ve had. So, do catch it the next time. Don’t miss it. I won’t.

Production By: Turquoise Palette

Written, Directed and Music By: Pallav Chander

Lights by: Vinimay
Director: Arun Prakash
Hades: Adhiraj Sharma
Aphrodite: Shibani Bedi
Zeus: Shekhar Murugan
Psoidon: Nand Chopra
Dancer: Shivani Nagar
Let Zip: Varoon P Anand
Choreographer: Dimple Kaur
Guruji: Harish
Veteran Guest: Sarthak Mattoo

Assistant: Subhashani/ Debontika


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