Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Play Review: Play it Hot by Akshara Theatre

This play is based on a concept which we have seen in movies like 'Some like it Hot' starring Marilyn Monroe and Rafoo chakkar (starring Rsihi Kapoor)  - couple of cross-dressing musicians on the run trying to save their lives.

The play opens with a radio conversation between the senior police official and the raiding party (voice overs). It then switches to a small cafe where an out of luck band is hanging out. They have no money to pay for their coffee let alone pay their rent. Suddenly they get embroiled in a gun fight between two gangs and become a witness to it. To escape the goons and the police they disguise themselves as 'Rapchik Rockers' - all girl band. They take up a gig in Goa which will provide them the much required money and a nice holiday. What happens next is a series of lies, deception, flirting and love trials. 

This play is a pure entertainer. The range of characters and their antics make this play a light hearted comedy. Be it the beautiful gold digging lead singer Sweety, the bubbly but strict Shruti Ma'am who breaks into a dance sequence at drop of a musical note, creepily flirtatious Thakur Raj Singh or pretentious Jijo managing two identities - every character has its quirks which audience loved. The guys get a taste of what it is to be pursued by men high on libido.The songs are absolute treat to the ears sung by very melodious Nisa Shetty in the role of Sweety and Vipin as the chotu turned Asst Manager. Jaya as Shritu Ma'am lets her hair lose along with the rest of the crew and you clap on. There is even a shayari competition between two warring gangs which ends in an anti-climax.

The cozy setting of Akshara is just a cherry on top for this entertaining play. This might not be a contender for any awards but is not meant to be. It is meant to send you back home refreshed and happy and it will not disappoint you.

Do check it out at Akshara Theatre on September 21 and 22.

About the Play:
Director: Anasuya Vaidya
Play By: Akshara TheatreCast: 

Vipin Heero

Nisa Shetty

Shaily Priya


Chhotu/ Asst. Manager
Vipin Heero
Jijo/ Jia
Angad Thakur
Jaani/ Jenelle
Dhruv Shetty
Saxy/ Chitrangada
Mahant Shah
Kaalia Flunkeys
Shaily Proya Pandey

Yashna Shetty

S. Gayathri
R.K. Peter
Sidekick/  Bellboy
Ankur Anand
Nisa Shetty
Thakur Raj Singh
Vikalp Mudgal
Shruti Ma’am
Voice Overs
Ajay Shetty

Rocky Grover

Lights: Anusuya Vaidya
Sound: Harendra Bhandana

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