Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome to "Theatre in Delhi"

I would like to welcome all to this new blog about Theatre scene in Delhi NCR. Unlike a few years ago, a lot of theatre is happening in Delhi and theatre lovers have never had it so good. Through this blog, readers can read about plays happening in Delhi, information about theatre groups, information about theatre classes, reviews of various plays and everything to bring you up to speed about theatre scene in Delhi. I am neither an actor not associated with any particular theatre group but just a theatre lover.
I strongly believe that not only does theatre provide intellectual stimulation compared to watching idiot box, it is also a healthy and potent medium to bring forth issues in society and have people start thinking about them.

I would request theatre groups and event companies holding plays in Delhi NCR to please send me an email informing me about the upcoming events which will be duly shared here. I will also be inviting other theatre lovers to share their reviews about plays they have watched. Their review would be duly shared with due credits.

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