Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Theatre for Change, Theatre for Society - Weekend Theatre Workshop by Asmita

Asmita Theatre Group organizes summer theatre workshop for all age groups on weekends. Its called - Theatre for Change, Theatre for Society (TCTS) as their aim is to promote theatre as a platform for creating awareness about social issues. I have been a theater lover for a long time, but TCTS was my first connection with a large set of theatre lovers, artists and experienced actors. Not only did I learn some important techniques and movements as the first step to learning acting, I performed, for the first time, in front of live audience in the form of a street play. I also made loads of friends with common interest in the field. 

I would strongly recommend people who have any inclination towards acting, theatre or learning a new skill to participate in this workshop. This workshop is organised keeping in mind school students, college students and working professionals - hence the weekend timings in summers. This is a free workshop so you cannot use the "Funds Issue" as an excuse for this. 
Not only will you learn something new, you will have a great time,  and make good friends. I am not sure if I will be able to join this time but would definitely try. 

This workshop coincides with  Asmita's Summer Theatre Festival and the TCTS students are given a chance to prepare short street plays during the workshop (and after) to perform in front of live audience, just before the play.

Link to FB Event:

Event: Summer Theatre Workshop by Asmita - Theatre for Change, Theatre for Society
Starting: May 19 at 9:00am 
Ending: July 8 at 1:00pm
Basically, every Saturday and Sunday at 09:00 AM starting May19th until July 8th. 
What to Carry: Positive Attitude, loads of energy, food (for your friends) and lots and lots of water.

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