Sunday, July 12, 2015

Play Review “Bumboo: The Play” by Epic Shit Entertainment

What happens when two out of luck depressed beings, get kidnapped by a gay drug lord and two drug dealers? Epic Shit happens. “Bumboo: The Play” is the third installment of “The Bad Deeds Trilogy” by Epic Shit Entertainment. This is one of those no-holds barred play which makes you laugh with “Oh no, you just did not say that” going in your head.  It starts with three very different, unrelated stories involving some interesting and peculiar characters and then all these characters come together while despising and 'loving' each other. Every character is peculiar and well laid out. The act opens with a monologue by Tara, played by Sukhmani Lamba. Tara is an unemployed and potty mouthed woman whose language and attitude can send the toughest of men packing home. Tara is has created a strong exterior to hide her insecurities. Then comes the story of a timid, socially awkward highly under confident Kashish Panda, played by Farhad Colabvala, telling his story. The scene then switches to shadow play between two people. They are ‘Delhi Gangsters’ and cocaine dealers. The gang comprises of helpless Aslam, drug lord and tyrant Ganesh and funnyman Puchi. Aslam, played by Rahul Tewari would’ve probably been the guy next door who is stuck in a forced relationship with his boss, Ganesh. Puchi, played by Gopal Verma likes to see the glass as half full.
Strength of the play lies in performances of each actor. Farhad and Gopal steal the show with their facial expressions doing most of the talking. It’s a situational comedy which is very physical and loud. If you are someone who raises objection over ‘obscenity in cinema’, stay away from the play. 

The Director has used shadow play for showing 'sex scenes'. Do not expect them to be 'flowers kissing' we are used to in old hindi movies. Must give credit to writer and director Madhav Mehta for a fast paced, unapologetic play which entertains all through. 

Do watch this play when it's next in town. Needless to say, do not take kids. 

Cast and Crew
Kashish Panda –Farhad “Kingbawa” Colabvala
Tara Khosla – Sukhmani “Sookhi” Lamba
Ganesh – Akash “The Axe Man” Mehta
Aslam – Rahul “G-Faadu” Tewari
Puchi – Gopal “The Scrotal Assassin” Verma

Written and Directed by – Madhav Mehta
Story by – Rakesh “Smackie” Palisetty and Madhav Mehta
Inspired by – Christopher Durang’s ‘Laughing Wild’ & Larry Shue’s ‘The Foreigner’

Sound and Music – Ritwik “Jaan Lemon” De


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