Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Theatre Festival: Theatre in Motion

We will try to bring updates about Theatre Festivals which allow theatre lovers to relish several plays in succession.

'Theatre in Motion' is a unique festival which is happening simultaneously in three cities: Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. It also brings together several theatre groups such as Asmita, Pierrott's Troupe, Primetime Theatre Company and several others. I would call it a multi-cuisine buffet of theatre. I would love to post all that is happening in Theatre in Motion festival but I would just be reproducing what is already available in great details at their website: 

Theatre in Motion: Browse Groups, Dates, Venues

However, here is the schedule for Plays in Delhi. You can book the tickets from their website. I have sorted the play schedule date wise.

Please feel free to write reviews of the plays you watch and we will be happy to publish them.

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